Alumiline Dimming Display Kit

  • Alumiline Dimming Display Kit

Price: $72.00
  • Model: AKZAF-01CW
  • Availability: In Stock

Kit Contains:

1 Alumiline LED Light Fixture 19" (ZAF-486-24)
2 Alumiline Mounting Clips (ZAF-20-C)
1 Alumiline Input Connector (ZAF-CH-S)
1 Power Supply 18W (ZPS-2418)
1 Dimmer (ZDM-01)
1 1 Input/Output Connector

The dark corner bookshelf in your home office, that hallway space which needs a bit more light and areas like these are well suited for using LED Alumiline strips. The 20” Dimming Undercounter Kit is a great way to get started with Alumiline LED and can be used to light up the hidden corners of your hallways, bookshelves and other hard-to-light areas. Offering 20 inches of continuous, dimmable light, it's easy to install, safe, long lasting and versatile. Metal and glass objects will shimmer and look their best using cool white. For a glowing warmer feeling, choose the warm white kit. The included dimmer allows your LED lighting to be used as both a night light and an attractive source of illumination for cabinetry and kickboard areas in your home. Everything you need is included with the kit.