Alumiline Double Closet Kit

  • Alumiline Double Closet Kit

Price: $288.00
  • Model: AKZAF-20CW
  • Availability: In Stock

Kit Contains:

1 Alumiline LED Light Fixture 4’ (ZAF-1236-24)
2 Alumiline LED Light Fixtures 3’ (ZAF-936-24)
10 Alumiline Mounting Clips (ZAF-20-C)
4 Alumiline Spacing Jumpers (ZAF-CH-J)
1 Alumiline Input Connector (ZAF-CH-S)
1 Power Supply 60W (ZPS-22) Plus On/Off Switch
Our double-wide kit to cover 14' of closet space with safe, long-lasting Alumiline LED light. You can vary the length of LED lighting used by utilizing the connectors and jumpers included in your kit to fit your needs. Using simple DIY skills these closet installations are done easily and are a perfect weekend project. Using the Alumiline LED Closet kit will show your clothes with proper color rendition. No more fumbling around in the dark for that blue sweater! All kits come with the necessary parts for a complete installation.