Alumiline LED Light Fixture

  • Alumiline LED Light Fixture

Price: $30.00
  • Model: ZAF-336-24CW
  • Availability: In Stock

Alumiline LED fixtures are in a rigid aluminum carrier that makes them easy to install while giving a professional look. Mounting clips and accessories permit direct flat or 90-degree angled mounting and the fixtures can easily be laid out in a uniform spacing or random linear pattern. Both the fixtures and clips can be screw mounted for reliable long-term installation and no tape or adhesives are needed for mounting. The Alumiline series has a retro industrial appearance and blends nicely with modern and traditional design trends. Available in 5 lenghts, Alumiline makes it possible to fit your project requirements with minimal problems.

In regards to power: The Alumiline system runs on 24Volts DC. When designing and ordering your own Alumiline lighting system, total the nuber of feet of lighting you will use and multiply by 4. This is the number of Watts you will be using. Select a power supply (24VDC) that provides 20% more wattage than your system requires. Please contact JKL Components Corporation about any questions relating to your Alumiline system. Our application engineering department can help you select the right sized power supply for your system.