Kitchen Undercabinet Lighting Kit

  • Kitchen Undercabinet Lighting Kit

Price: $255.00
  • Model: AKZWF-01CW
  • Availability: In Stock

Kit Contains:

4 Alumiline MAX LED Light Fixtures 37” (ZWF-939-24)
8 Alumiline MAX Mounting Clips (ZWF-12C)
2 Alumiline MAX Long Jumper Connectors (ZWF-400-J)
2 Alumiline MAX Short Jumper Connectors (ZWF-175-J)
1 Alumiline MAX Input Connector
1 Power Supply 48W (ZPS-20) plus On/Off Switch

This Alumiline MAX kit offers 12’ of continuous LED light. It is the ideal enhancement for your kitchen shelf and under cabinet lighting project. The IP67 rating makes it perfect for areas that get water spray and the low voltage makes it safe. The included mounting clips and jumper connectors help you space and install your Alumiline MAX LED lighting with ease.