Cove Lighting & Ceiling Illumination

This type of indirect linear light is flattering and enhances the apperance of the area. The narrow profile and low-voltage brightness of Alumiline LEDs can be used in small spaces to create a feeling of depth in hallways, grand rooms and areas with coffered ceilings. Diffuse upward lighiting reveals craftsmanship and details in historic buildings in new ways for added elegance.

Linear Wall-Washing

Alumiline LED for walls and surfaces offer the attractive nature of diffuse indirect light.  Place around a mirror installation for a soft glow and radiant visibility.

Outdoor Lighting

Alumiline LED strips are being utilized in outdoor applications never considered before for linear lighting.  Walkway hazards and garden illumination provide opportunities for creative, and low cost designs. In gardens and entryways, the Low voltage, no heat utility of these strips also offer safety around children and pets. UL and IP ratings insure the quality and reliability required for all of your expert outdoor designs.