Kitchen lighting can be a challenge, especially when this room is often the focus of the home. Depending on their size, in addition to serving as a workspace for food preparation, cooking and cleaning, kitchens serve as a gathering spot, a diner & bar or even a homework station! Ceiling fixtures may already be in place offering adequate, basic illumination, but adding light for appeal, ambiance and highlights will make this space a comfort zone for friends and family.

With uniform luminosity, low heat, and low power Alumiline® strips are a great addition to the appearance and functionality of the cooking process and can elegantly provide under-cabinet lighting for your shelving and workspace. If you have glass covered cabinets, Alumiline® will excellently showcase the contents within. The strips are well-suited for perimeter lighting in floor moldings, ceiling cove lighting and pantry lighting for image and color rendition. Neutral or Cool white temperature is best for food preparation, showing of your pottery and dishes, porcelain, tin-ware and decorative pieces. The soft, diffused, continuous lighting provides a calming effect during the hectic kitchen activities. Warm white is appealing for ambiance and will reveal the texture, grain and nuance of wood furniture, panels, and textiles.

We offer a “Kitchen Counter Kit” to make the installation process simple and ready-to- go. You can select lengths and parts separately to fit the size of your own kitchen. Both Alumiline® and Alumiline® MAX are rated for Water-resistance. If you are going to install the linear light in a wet area, you might consider using the Alumiline® MAX line, which is rated at IP67 and offers the highest degree of water-resistance for the Alumiline® strips as well as added efficiency and brightness.