JKL’s flexible LED ribbons include 12VDC and 24VDC models and are offered in a range of colors, densities and brightness levels. A number of models offer color changing and RGB color mixing. Available in reels ranging from 13 ft. to 16 ft., the ribbons include cut lines to allow the user to easily cut to the desired length.  Alternatively, JKL can provide the LED ribbon pre-cut and fitted with specific wire length and connectors to meet your needs. Contact the JKL Sales team to discuss your custom project.

An endless range of accessories are available to include no-solder connectors, L-, T- and X-configuration connectors, housings with lenses, color controllers and dimmers.

The LED ribbons are a truly flexible means to achieve linear light with DIY customization. LED ribbons are excellently suited for display cases, under cabinet installations, architectural moldings and signage.