Using the Alumiline® LED light strips to back light gas station canopies and strip mall menu boards increases visibility, customer traffic, clarity and profit. It decreases utility costs, maintenance expenses and information interruptions. A new wave of applications for lit customer information signs and retail business interactions with clients is here.

Working with architects and marketing professionals to improve signage is an effective way to improve customer involvement and brand retention. Think of the “Golden Arches” or a Loves’ gas station and you realize what an impact LED lighting can have on your business. Fluorescent lamps are adversely affected by cold temperatures, reducing lifetime and impacting starting and flickering, Retrofitting fluorescent installations with Alumiline® LED is made easy through the use of mounting clips and hardware designed for that purpose.

If your project is a T12 fluorescent tube retrofit – we also recommend the Alumiline HO series which mounts seamlessly with existing R17d bases. The Alumiline HO LED fixtures are available in several lengths ranging from 2 ft. to 8 ft. Contact us for a large quantity quote or purchase them directly through our website here.

ROI is determined by historical costs, for both maintenance and materials. Maintenance labor is expensive for canopy lighting and requires multi-person teams, scissor lifts and safety risks.

Color rendition of appliqués, overlays and plastics is optimum when you choose from the various color options available. Menu boards will have a range of colors - ruby red, deep blue, vibrant yellow, emerald green and the like - all included on a single panel. Various plastics, used as diffusers, will have different absorptions of transmitted light, so an evaluation of the final design is always recommended.