Competing with on-line sales, today’s retailer needs to present product in an attractive and appealing fashion. Creating visual stimulation, exact color rendition, and creative presentations is a professional challenge but of utmost importance for gaining sales from sophisticated customers. 90% of purchasing decisions are made at the point of sale and to win over your customer with attractive display cases and scintillating window displays the right lighting is key. Uniform yet pleasing store lighting will contribute to a successful and profitable enterprise and Alumiline® is extremely well suited for this task!

Three goals for retail lighting applications are:

  1. ATTRACT THE CUSTOMER - Draw the customer into the store. Lighting creates an immediate impression of the merchandise and surrounding areas.
  2. ABILITY TO EVALUATE THE MERCHANDISE - Permit the customer to visually evaluate characteristics such as texture, color, quality with sufficient light to read the labels.
  3. COMPLETE THE SALE - Adequate lighting at the check-out point assist sales personnel in accurately recording sales, preparing receipts, and wrapping packaging. Lighting is so closely tied to the attractiveness of your store and merchandise because it impacts the shopper’s overall experience and therefore their buying habits. Good lighting is intimately linked to a store’s overall profitability.