JKL Alumiline LED fixtures all come with metal mounting brackets and screws, to insure a tight, reliable installation. Alumiline LED has an IP65 ratings for use in wet and damp areas and the Alumiline MAX offers additional water-resistance with a rating of IP67.  Both products are UL approved.

Low voltage Alumiline fixtures offer the safety required for interior applications. Edge and shelf lighting, are accessible to children and pets, and the low voltage aspects provide a comfort zone for any concerns.


Installation guides for the two product lines can be seen here:

Alumiline - http://www.jkllamps.com/pdfs/JKL-AS-ZAF-ALUMILINE.pdf

Alumiline MAX - http://www.jkllamps.com/pdfs/JKL-AS-ZWF-ALUMILINE.pdf


Kit guides can be found here:

Alumiline Closet Kit User Guide - http://www.jkllamps.com/pdfs/JKL-AS-ALUMILINE-AKZAF-10.pdf

Alumiline Double Closet Kit User Guide - http://www.jkllamps.com/pdfs/JKL-AS-ALUMILINE-AKZAF-20.pdf

Alumiline Dimming Display Kit User Guide - http://www.jkllamps.com/pdfs/JKL-AS-ALUMILINE-AKZAF-01.pdf

Alumiline MAX Kitchen Undercabinet Kit User Guide - http://www.jkllamps.com/pdfs/JKL-AS-ALUMILINE-AKZWF-01.pdf